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Although many of us have gone through enough life-changes to carry us light-years away from the corner of Subspace we started in, if you were to happen across any of the flyers listed in the first section of the roster on the "Members and Alumni" page, I'd expect that you'll still see them flying the StrikeForce banner today.

The StrikeForce Creed

As StrikeForce members, we vow to do whatever we can to keep Subspace alive. We will play hard and win when we can. We will display and uphold good morals and we will not condone or practice indecent behaviors. Cheaters will not wear our banner.

An excerpt from the original StrikeForce Website:

Thanks for your interest in our squad. StrikeForce was born in early 1999. It was started by Awestrike, and grew with full support of Charter Members SKYWALKAR and Crusherq. It continues to grow in size, adding a new member or two weekly and hopefully will continue to do so for many months to come.

Our members are a unique mix of people of all ages and from all walks of life. We donít have any set kill-ratio or point requirements that need to be met in order to join our squad. You will need to hold your own in battle and show promise of improvement before youíll get the necessary sponsorship to join.

We ask all new members to commit to "The StrikeForce Creed", (in essence our "Code of Ethics") before we allow them to join. We donít tolerate abusive or inappropriate behaviors and we frown on foul language. We ask our members to exhibit self-control at all times. It is unlikely that youíll find any of us green-killing or team-switching to share point-awards for games that we did not help win. All in all, I hope youíll find all of our members a pleasure to play with.