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SFSS.org was a spinoff of the Subspace Squadron StrikeForce.  SFSS was originally an acronym for StrikeForce Subspace Squad.  As some point during our evolution, we were also referred to as StrikeForce Subspace Servers. 

SFSS began Subspace hosting when Awestrike hooked an old P133 machine to a T-1 line in Grosse Pointe, Michigan in the fall of 1999.  Soon afterward, a more reliable connection was provided by Mesotech on another T-1 line in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Awestrike ended up building a dual-processor machine and sending it to Mesotech, solely for the purpose of hosting Subspace.

The SFSS website and our Subspace server were both hosted by Mesotech's T-1 until being decommissioned in September of 2005. 

Between 1999 and 2001, SFSS evolved and expanded rapidly, At one point, over a dozen zones bore the SFSS prefix and were connected to the SFSS Billing Server.  Zones were hosted locally, or at one of two remote sites, one operated by ET Megabyte, and another by ExQuiSiTe. 

When we retired it and moved to SSC's billing Server, SFSS's billing Server database had grown to over 5000 names.  Granted, a large number of them belonged to a single flyer from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but suffice to say that a lot of flyers passed through our corner of Subspace over time.